Features for Techs      

Give your techs the information they need, without the mountain of paper.

Send Your Technicians On-Site Fully Informed

Ticket information automatically syncs assigned tickets to that technician’s device for offline access in rural areas. Technicians can fully service your clients from the data on their tablets from beginning to end, including:

  • Full ticket details available even when offline
  • Directions to a customer’s location, supported by Google Map integration – including address suggestions.
  • Customer history including notes allows identification of repeated problems
  • Log entries and customer signatures are stored to the device and automatically synced to the live system when online status is restored.

Never Lose Another Work Ticket

All business owners know that tasks can sometimes slip through the cracks, despite how hard you work to make sure they don’t. And when important tasks go undone, your client’s questions go unanswered. We know that you and your employees are incredibly busy, but even the most organized businesses can fall into disarray without the best ticketing tools at their disposal

Fortunately, there is a way to close those cracks and prevent these mistakes from occurring: a reliable service work order software system. This invaluable business tool can keep your employees organized and prevent client issues from going unresolved. And here at FacetTRAK, we have the right one for you.

Digital Signature Capabilities

  • On-Site Legal Digital Signatures Stored Right in the System
  • Customer & Technician sign in & sign out features
  • All signatures are timestamped
  • Customizable terms & conditions for your company