Features for Dispatchers      

Send your techs on-site with the information they need, without unnecessary trips to the office.

Make Dispatching Easy!

FacetTRAK schedules appointments, sends email to the assigned tech and adds the appointment to the tech’s calendar…All in one easy process!

  • Schedule Service Appointments
  • Send email to Assigned Tech
  • Add Scheduled Appointments to Calendar Outlook, Google and other iCal compliant calendars supported)

Stay Informed with the Dispatcher Panel!

  • Know where your techs are at all times
  • Know when your tech leaves a business by when the ticket closed
  • All techs schedules visible
  • Map feature to help schedule time between appointments
  • Mileage tracking
  • Overview panel to view tickets and resolve conflicts easily
  • Real-time GPS locating of the technician’s devices to quickly re-route or add an appointment to their scheduled route
  • Ability to give reliable updates to customers on how close the technician is to the appointment
  • Calendar features notify you immediately of potential scheduling conflicts

Manage Your Service Queue!

  • Send the right resources to provide service
  • Aged tickets with color coding
  • Priority indication
  • Clear concise on-screen information

Mileage Tracking