Handyman and Construction Business Software

Independent contractors, property managers, construction companies, and landlords need a proven system to track customer work tickets. Very quickly, customer requests can pile up, and as a result important tasks can completely slip through the cracks.

That's why companies all over the country trust FacetTRAK for workforce management. We developed FacetTRAK for our own in-house use, but the system was so successful that we expanded the software and opened it up to a variety of businesses. Our handyman business software is the only tool you'll need to keep track of customer or tenant history, outstanding work tickets, and customer service requests. If you're ready to simplify and improve your operations, then try our demo to see how we can transform the way you conduct business.

FacetTRAK: Cloud-Based Project Management Software for Contractors and Handymen

Imagine that you need to fulfill a customer work ticket, but first you need to access all the relevant information on that particular ticket: previous complaints, suggestions, recent updates, and other important details. How do you remember all of these factors? Without going through a long chain of emails or handwritten notes, it can be difficult to seamlessly keep track of all this important information.

That’s where FacetTRAK comes in.

FacetTRAK's user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to keep projects on track. Our project management features allow you to organize, sort, and prioritize customer work tickets.

Some popular features of our handyman business software:

  • Users can see the complete history of a specific task and access searchable records of your current customers or tenants.
  • Our data backup and cybersecurity features ensure that your customers' data is always accessible and secure.
  • The cloud-based system allows users to access FacetTRAK from anywhere.
  • Account notifications and prioritization features allow you to keep an eye on high priority assignments at all times.
  • Our Customer Support team will help you install and setup your new project management software.


Try Our Handyman Business Software Solution
Our CMS ticketing systems don't just summarize customer complaints. It can be used to manage ongoing projects and vendors, too. You will have the ability to utilize flexible filtering options that allow you to narrow your results to the most important pieces of information. It will allow you to figure out what needs to be done, what has already been done, and so much more.

Additionally, our cloud-based software will allow you to send updates to customers directly. This allows you to easily confirm the details of a ticket or service request without having to scroll through dozens of emails. You can even automatically add service appointments to you and your customers' calendars for added efficiency. You don’t have to worry that they didn’t get the right date or time or waste time confirming work tickets.