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What To Do Concerning Emails From Customers - Start From The Top!

tools of project managementEmails are one of the most common, and often effective, ways to communicate in the business world. In an average working professional's day, there are an estimated 122 business related emails sent and received, according to statistics from 2015. That same year, an estimated total of 205 million emails were sent, at least those related to business.


That's a lot of tasks, assignments, and inquiries.



Email communication is one of the best tools for project management available. A well written and timed email can push a project along or give ideas to drive it to completion. It also helps connect with your employees or managers quickly, instead of trying to hunt them down.



But what about email based customer service? Which emails should you address first?



Logic would dictate that you address the oldest emails, first, then work towards the newest. Those older emails have been sitting in your queue for a while, and their authors may be feeling a little frustrated that you haven't gotten back to them.



But that is not the case in reality.



Say you had an email from two hours ago and an email from five or 10 minutes ago. The customer from two hours ago has already waited two hours, their wait time is already assured. You can take the time to address their issue with a high-quality response and resolve the matter. If it takes you another 30 minutes, then that's just 30 minutes on top of that already established two hours.



The customer from five to ten minutes ago would get something like a "wow" factor at how fast you responded. That's good. That means that you provided exceptional customer service. Don't fall into the pitfall of assuming you need to respond to the oldest first because they're the oldest.



Now, what about other ways to improve customer service?



There are many tools of project management that can help you improve the way you do business and communicate with customers, including work ticket software to help organize tasks and helpdesk ticketing system software that can allow you to keep track of all the customer helpdesk related issues that are in your queue. There are tons of tools for the average business out there for you to work with.



If you have any questions about what could work for you, or you're looking for the best process management software, call us and we'll be happy to answer!


Comprehensive Dispatcher Panel

GPS Tracking

Email and Calendar Integration

Multiple Locations Supported

FacetTRAK includes comprehensive features not found in any other ticketing system. The easiest way to grow the bottom line of your service business is with our integrated ticket system.

Track your leads, create and manage tickets from any location, provide direct on-site customer sign-off of work orders.

  • Track your leads & sales with full CRM capabilities.
  • Create and manage tickets from any location.
  • Create custom projects and contracts for unique & efficient management.
  • Mobile friendly with off-line data synchronization abilities.
  • Built in GPS tracking allows efficient tracking and routing of in-field technicians.

FacetTRAK is an incredibly powerful, full featured CRM & ticketing system.

"We've put 30 years of experience in the IT service industry into creating the most powerful, affordable, and easy to use cloud-based CRM & ticketing system for service companies with technicians in the field.” -- Brian Ford, FacetTRAK CEO