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Multitasking for Managers: 3 Tips You Haven't Tried To Improve Multitasking

top project management softwareIt is no secret that the pace of our work lives has gotten faster. The Internet has done amazing things to connect businesses with clients and their partners, but it has also exponentially increased the speed at which we must work to keep up.

The main result of this is the increased importance of multitasking in our work places. With multiple overlapping deadlines and the constantly evolving demands of the marketplace, the number of tasks in front of the average employee has skyrocketed -- email alone is responsible for taking up 28% of the average work week.

However, if you are in a management position, then the pressure to multitask effectively is even greater. This guide is designed to provide you with some project planning tools and techniques that will help you and your employees better juggle office responsibilities and deadlines.

  1. Set Goals as Early as Possible
    A big part of multitasking is prioritization. It won't matter if your employee accomplishes 10 of their 11 tasks if that last one was the most important. Set clear goals and impose guidelines that empower you and your employees to work through their tasks in a way that will best benefit your business. Remember that priorities need to be set in both the short-term and long-term; moreover, this is a skill you may need to actively teach your employees on a daily basis.
  2. Use Your Down Time Wisely
    The average person spends 43 entire days of their life on hold when you add up the time. Instead of frustratedly waiting, you can use that time to get further on other simple tasks. This also applies for less literal times when are placed on hold -- say you need approval from a supervisor or are waiting for a confirmation email. If have reached a point where you are being held up by a matter only time can resolve, shift your focus to smaller tasks that you can accomplish quickly. 
  3. Purchase a Top Project Management Software
    Finally, a craftsman is only as good as his tools, and the same goes for managers. These programs come equipped with a number of features that help with tracking productivity and efficiency, such as task tracking software, color-coding features that help to organize multiple projects, and a productivity time tracker to help diagnose underperformance. This is the best way to manage multiple tasks clearly and mitigate the chance of something falling through the cracks.

It is ever more important for both management and employees to be able to juggle any number of projects at the same time. While the multitasking task can prove to be a significant challenge, it is important to take advantage of all available tools. Better utilization of your time, clearer goals, and top project management software can help your business run more efficiently than you ever imagined it could.

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