The Basics of FacetTRAK      

Full Featured Service Ticket System

Manage all of your service tickets from all your locations from one convenient interface with FacetTRAK.

Everything You’d Expect From a Ticketing System …and more!

  • Full customer and user information, including the ability to manage vendors and projects
  • Highly flexible search filtering with advanced options for sorting and narrowing results
  • Common permissions for administrators, accountants, technicians and management to view the information they need to see
  • Robust reporting features for managers
  • Track sales leads and easily convert lead information to customer data
  • Convert completed customer tickets to billings


Ticket Platform Features

  • Manage large projects that encompass multiple tickets related to the same overarching goal
  • Assign approved hours for each segment and view the breakdown of hours used versus hours projected
  • Organize vendor information to ensure that the approved vendors are used per project or per ticket




Access to your live data from anywhere in the world and view up-to-date statuses at all times.

  • Support for all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Blackberry, Apple iOS, Android)
  • Fully web responsive for ease-of-use across mobile devices and tablets
  • Android App Available
  • Automatic Updates (no waiting to download and install)
  • Reliable Backups


More Effective Communications with Your Team

  • See history with customer including what work was done and who performed the work
  • Easy to see who is assigned to service the customer today
  • Schedule a follow up


Centralize Communication With Your Customers

  • Send emails directly from the system with ticket or appointment information
  • Generate calendar events for appointments, automatically added to the customer’s Outlook and Google calendars
  • Ticket subscription, both for your customers and for managers who want to keep an eye on a ticket’s progress. This allows real-time updates to subscribers when comments are added, the appointment is rescheduled or the status changes