Advanced Features      

Highly Customizable Interface

If you struggle with finding a solution that fits your company’s workflow, this software can adapt to how you like to view your data:

  • Everything can be custom-tailored to your business needs
  • Customize what you see on reports, turn on and off the features your business needs (or doesn’t need!)
  • You can create custom fields, specific to your industry or in-house vocabulary


Fully Secure Web-Based System

If you know security, then you want to know some details. Rest assured that the ticket system has full TLS/SSL support, as well as:

  • Automatic data backups to prevent data loss
  • Physically secured servers that are hosted and supported locally
  • Built-in site security to prevent various attacks, such as XSS, injection, session attacks, etc.
  • Automatic maintenance of the latest updates and patches applied for you


Android App for Your Customers

Great for projects where long term communication will take place, or to build a local customer base who will look to you for support via the app:

  • Allows the customer to view the status of their ticket
  • Gives them the option to receive notifications when their ticket is marked with a status that is waiting for the customer’s response, such as “Ready for Pickup” or “Waiting for a Callback”
  • Lets customers find you by using the Store Locator (GPS) or an in-app search