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Advanced Tools of Project Management

Manage all of your locations from one convenient interface with FacetTrak.

Fully Secure Web-Based System

If you know security, then you want to know some details. Rest assured that the ticket system has full SSL support, as well as:

  • Automatic data backups to prevent data loss
  • Physically secured servers that are hosted and supported locally
  • Built-in site security to prevent various attacks, such as XSS, injection, session attacks, etc.
  • Automatic maintenance of the latest updates and patches applied for you

Ticket Platform Features

  • Manage large projects that encompass multiple tickets related to the same overarching goal
  • Assign approved hours for each segment and view the breakdown of hours used versus hours projected
  • Organize vendor information to ensure that the approved vendors are used per project or per ticket

Built-In GPS Tracking For Technicians' Tablets

Knowing where your team members are, and whether they're running ahead of schedule (or behind), allows you to give accurate information to your clients.